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7 Reasons Why Your Salespeople Aren’t Using Your CRM

7 Reasons Why Your Salespeople Aren’t Using Your CRM


In many businesses, the management and executive team could have reviewed the instant benefits of executing a new, cloud-based CRM system.

 Management can accept with their new software as it can store the sales data securely in a primary location to monitor sales performance, processes, deal progression, customer journey, and more.

 Staying on the management side, CRM you have chosen may be the good one.

 But, think about your sales team, have you ever heard about how do they feel about your CRM system?

 And,if not, why they aren’t using it? What would be the reason for that?

 Fine, quite frequently, sales reps may see CRM software as just another tool for their bosses to keep monitor their work.

 Likewise, there are many reasons why sales reps are not using CRM, we will look at a few.

 Let’s start!

 1. Lack of training

 Many of the sales reps do not know how to enter data correctly into the CRM. Some can also find it complicated in accessing the CRM data that they need and have less knowledge on searching the path to get the exact details.

 Due to the lack of proper training, they might find it difficult to handle the CRM to maximum capacity.

 Sometimes, with little formalized instruction, sales managers give CRM to sales reps and they might be taught the basics during the initial rollout instead of giving them strong knowledge on using the software.

 With a lack of proper understanding of the tool, they will make their way to their wish going away from the CRM.

 In some cases, imagine if you’re a sales rep, spending three hours per week to learn features of the CRM software that aren’t essential and even not helpful for you. You will think, instead of wasting time in learning needless things, it is good to utilize the time following up and closing the deals.

 2. No knowledge about CRM benefits

 Few sales reps do not know why CRM is used, how does it change their daily lives, and what are all the benefits of using the CRM. This crisis could make sales reps not go with the CRM.

 Moreover, some people are less technically-minded than others and they take time to learn the new software.

 Due to the uncertainty on how to use the CRM, salespeople will work in doubt and end up entering only certain kinds of data in CRM or using a select few functions, which can lead to inaccurate information and reduce productivity.

 The reasons why they are unclear with the CRM could be sales manager would not have an open conversation with their sales reps about why we go for the CRM, and how CRM helps them save their time and close deals more.

 3. Wish to use existing methods

 Spreadsheets are easy and familiar.

 Sales reps use spreadsheets as a kind of planner to pre-plan their daily attack and what calls need to be made.

 They also use it daily and weekly to keep track of the number of calls and emails that were made, meetings conducted, deals closed, and more.

 Sales reps might perform very well this way. So they find it possible to handle the sales activity in a spreadsheet and not having the mindset move to the other software.

 4. Feeling CRM as ‘a Monitoring Tool’

 This would be one of the reasons why sales reps not using CRM.

 Some salespeople misunderstood that CRM is a tracking tool that tracks their activity on what they are done, records updated, calls done, email sent, and sales performance.

 Furthermore, some sales reps scare about their superior and they feel that they are being tracked by their heads. Those prefer to keep the data in personal notes instead of using CRM.

 In addition, few sales reps worry that the CRM could be the digital evidence used against them for failing to meet their quotas.

 If they see CRM as a threat, they will only unwillingly enter data as required, and probably they won’t double-check it for exactness also which leads to damage the data integrity. 

 5. Expect For Data Privacy

 Most CRM software permits a central view of shared information, which can be disturbing for some salespeople who are often protective of their data.

 In addition, sales reps can be quite practical and friendly with customers but reserved about their strategies.

 If any of their teammates knew their specific strategy what they follow, sales reps think that they would not be considered as valuable to the company.

 This is how some salespeople think.

 Moreover, few sales agents have a strong dependency on themselves closing the sales in their own style.

 6. Depend on their strengths

 Being in the sales department, salespeople think strongly that it is necessary to be a people-orientated person and have good communication skills to close more deals.

 They believe, it is more significant to depend on their self-confidence, strength, wider knowledge of the product they sell instead of using any software.

 They are keen to develop a good personality touch in their appearance, persuasive and making them be a good listener.

 Few sales reps spend their time developing their skills to become the best salesperson producing better productivity to the organization.

 They strongly have an intent in a way i.e Human-to-human interaction is where salespeople excel. But, using CRM software is not.

 It doesn’t mean they don’t understand the need for CRM.

 But, some reps say that they need a tool for managing leads that should be simple and make their day easier.

 7. Feel lazy to update the details every time

 If the sales reps are not provided with the mobile CRM, it makes them feel irritated to sit always in front of their desk to update every detail.

 Most of the time, a salesperson spends a lot of time outside the office. As they cannot take their desk everywhere they go, they will write important notes on paper and again need to feed those data into the CRM.

 While feeding they may miss out on some important details to update into the CRM system. When it is accessed again, they will access only incorrect data leading to a lack of data integrity.

 This can be avoided by allowing salespeople to use the mobile app CRM. If it is not implemented yet, you can ask the concerned development team to create it.

 Closing Thought

 To make the sales reps free to work with any software and to attain better sales results, it is all about the management’s responsibility to find the tools that your sales reps want to use and that is the key to a good team ethic and producing stronger results.

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