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18 Reasons why an organisation needs a CRM


Top 18 Benefits of a CRM

Automates sales, marketing & service processes of a business which in turn reduces human errors

1. Business Process Automation

2. Increases Conversion rates

Increases conversion rates from leads to customers, Tracks all Customer integration & turn leads into clients

3. Personalized product configuration

Allows to customize the products according to zone, region, country or Industry

4. Campaign Management

Reduces Campaign Cost, Analyze campaign data & forecast future Marketing Strategy

5. Customer Segmentation

Divides Customer base into groups that share similar characteristics such as are age. buying process, products.

6. Social Media Marketing

Helps business to run & track social media campaigns from different channels.

7. Shorters sales cycle

Helps sales person to track all leads & communicate effectively to complete the sales process quickly

8. Customer Service Improvement

Automates service processes to deal with customer suggestions or complaints

9. Increase Customer Loyalty

Helps an Organisation to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

10. Customer Communication

Automates customer communications, Appointments, taskz & follow-ups

11. Task Management

Create &assign Taskz among employees based on skill, availability & Geography

12. Customized Escalation Matrix

Helps to increase sales , run campaign & addresses Customer Issues on time

13. Utilization of Communication Channels

Communicates with each segments of the customers via their preferred channel

14. Better Data Protection

Customer data visibility as per users roles & responsibility. Role based activity

15. Better Traceability Matrix

Automates sales, marketing & service processes of a business,generates reports & analyse data

16. Mobile Compatibility

Helps employee to access customer data using their smartphone anytime, anywhere

17. Cost Effectiveness

Sales time manual activities and other resources like stationery & paper

18. Team Collabration

Unites various departments like sales, marketing, service with in an Organization

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