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11 Reasons on how CRM can help you to maintain your Customer Details


1. All your customer Details should be centralized in one place, where you can gather all the details of your customers easily. Typically, when an employee resigns, we also lose the customers details. Centralization of the customer details will help even after if an employee leaves.

2. Add multiple branches and contacts to one single company. You will have many touch points of the same client, view all contacts in one place.

3. Know the amount of effort, activities, time invested for every customer. Compare your effort vs results.

4. For you to understand the number of active customers and inactive customers.

5. Send important communication via SMS, emails, notification for all clients from a single application.

6. Know your business done with each of your customer in the current & previous financial year.

7. Understand the year on year growth of every customer.

8. Understand the preferred product of one customer and the product which has not been sold at all. This will help in the up selling of your products.

9. See categories wise, product wise sales done for each customer. This will help you to identify additional opportunities.

10. Know your customers’ complaints before meeting them. Get alerted if any complaint is raised by your customer. Take necessary action And get updates of all complaints related to your customer.

11. Know a 362 view of Customer in one single screen.


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