An all too common situation everyone has faced is clients or customers missing their deadline to pay for your services. In most cases, a systematic method of following up can make all the difference. But nobody likes to pick up the phone and making that dreaded call. It’s lengthy, sometimes confrontational and just plain awkward. So, if your company’s money is locked up in your customers’ pockets and you are in search of a better way to pursue your them, we’ve got you covered.

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Treeone's Solutions

Say Hello to The Collector

TreeOne Collector is a cloud based, systematic collection system which helps you with payment collection from clients. It integrates perfectly with your billing software and designs an intelligent road map to gently remind your clients at regular intervals to clear their dues.


Software integration icon

Billing software integration

Extract the necessary information from your billing software without any human intervention

Escalation matrix icon

Access to escalation matrix

Establish communication between your internal team and your client’s team including their hierarchical supervisors

Data and Analytics Icon

Real time data and analytics

Track and measure the received payments using relevant KPIs to optimise your efforts

Classification Icon

Bucket wise classification of dues

Track payments based on the number of days it is pending for

Projection icon

Projection for future payments

Forecast payment projections based on real time pattern analysis

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Cloud based solution

Ensure fast, reliable performance with hosting on the Amazon Web Services platform.

Payment Icon

Optimise your payment collection efforts

Record conversations between members of your accounts department and those of your clients’.

 Notification Icon

Intelligent alerts

Get consolidated or individual reminders manually or electronically for calling clients and collecting outstandings.

SMS and Email Icon

SMS/Email reminders

Send reminders to your customers and clients through SMS or email and maintain a log of the same.