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Treeone Collector is a cloud based based software which can help your organisation keep tabs on payments owed to your company. It seamlessly integrates with your billing software to effectively communicate with clients about unpaid dues. With this software, you can set reminders and alerts for future payments. It also comes with a host of analytics tools for you to optimise your efforts to effectively and periodically get your message across. Rest of the software products:

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Treeone Logo

Our Maker - TabTree

TabTree provides complete IT infrastructure support for mid to large scale operations. We ensure that all your IT problems including keeping up with suppliers and caretakers ends for good. We have a solution for every stage of setting up and maintaining your systems and softwares to handle your IT load. Once you come to us, we take on the hassle of monitoring, controlling and supporting your company’s IT efforts. Our aim is to make sure that your strategic business objectives are met without any IT hurdles. We also provide any organisation with customised solutions apart from the textbook IT infrastructure requirements.